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He spoke into darkness and split it in half
Bringing forth radiance in rays to shine down in the day
And cool pale wisps to brighten blackness itself in the night
The space no longer empty

And because he so wished it
Great waters gathered together, glittering and toiling in an infinite current
The surface bubbled with fins and scales, foul filled the skies above
And the depths glowed with incandescent eyes

His words formed valleys and tall peaks
Rising from the waters and splitting them
His voice becoming all manners of beast and plant
That walked and crept upon the dry ground

God then called man forth from the dust
Creating in his image Adam
Breathing life into the earth-born form
Than from Adam He begot Eve

In man’s creation were thoughts of companionship
To further fill the atmosphere with new whispers of praise and life
And in his love choice was given onto man
So his children may choose to praise or forsake him if they so wished

Man was created with dominion over all other creations made
Different in the fact of our possession of free will
Those that crept over the earth and all that grew were under man
Those that swam in the segregated waters were under man

So in our superiority we create the unnatural, twisting and breaking the elements
Digging into our created world eagerly, devouring the finite resources like moths
Leaving a trail of bread crumbs
We only look back when the crusts no longer hang from our mouths

All in the pursuit of creation, we begin to warp the original designs
Into our own manifestations of greatness and deem them good
We gaze upon what we call progress with rhinestone eyes
Poisoning ourselves in our flawed perceptions

We focus on the physical constants
We drink in the universe and the cosmos and everything else it has to give
Feeling it all around us and splitting it open
Discovering all we can about what we experience with our senses

We try to understand the nonphysical world, put it on paper in rivers of gold and black
To see the beings that drift beneath our sight and learn all that is possible
Some beings sent by God, made of light
Others by the fallen angels, made of darkness

The damned whisper constantly in the ears of men through rotten teeth
Prodding them to devilish acts wrapped in a veil of mock innocence
They wish to soil holy spirits, wanting to make our clothes dark
And lead us to eternal damnation after death

Guardians from the golden gates above wrapped in golden light
Work to lead us children to God’s home above the clouds
Shushing the whispers of blackened souls and replacing them will sounds as trumpets and praise
Protecting God’s lambs from earthly harm

Our world seems chaotic but it is orderly
We do not see where our paths my lead or the twists of each road
But everything happens for a reason
Put faith in God’s plan for us

He is omnipotent
He knows where each of his children will go in life
And how they will get there and how they will pass over
For him our lives are orderly, for he has planned all the trials we face

Each path of life is individualized to each of us
God gives each one of us a calling to fulfill in our lifetime
One may not have it reviled to them until they are older or it might be when one is young
And it may be a small task or one that is larger than our selves

To do God’s work and to live by his teachings is how we should live
But to go against him and the word is sinful
Sin being the nest where evil derives itself from
And leads one to pits of fire and brimstone
World view
An assignment for my humanities class, I'm terrible with poetry but I tried my best lol
Constructive criticism would be appreciated!
sunshine by loverofthestrange
old picture but I have hundreds that I have yet to upload haha :P


United States
DISCLAIMER!!! I dont mind if you use my photos, But PLEASE give me credit or paste a link to my gallery here. I'm working on a career here and need the recognition haha :D so please don't claim my works as your own, thanks! :D
I'm just a normal 18 year old (though my e-mail says 21 I think. don't know how that happened but whatever O-0 lol ) Michigander. My career path has changed as of late and I have chosen to pursue pathology! though I will still pursue photography as a hobby. anywho! A big thank you to all those who visit my gallery! I hope you enjoy my work!


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